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Reap the Benefits of Adding Employees to Your EASA Roster

  • 2022年2月
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市场营销 & Industry Awareness Committee Member
EMS Industrial Inc.

Being a member of EASA offers tremendous benefits to repair shop owners, managers and decision makers. 然而, most of us overlook how important it is to have our technicians, sales reps and other positions within the walls of our comp任何 benefit from EASA’s vast knowledge and information sharing. To best ensure your employees are maximizing your comp任何’s EASA membership, the first step is to add employees to the EASA roster. WHY you may ask? What would my employees get out of being on the EASA roster? Following are a few examples of how your employees could benefit from being added to the EASA roster.

(Primary contacts only. 登录 required)

培训 Updates: For those on the EASA roster, they will receive frequent updates with EASA’s latest and greatest training offerings. Wouldn’t all managers love a scenario where a technician knocks on our door and asks us if he or she can attend EASA’s March 16, 2022, free webinar on static couple balancing to aid in their development? The only way you will get this to happen is for your team to be constantly informed of EASA’s training offerings. This is why your team needs to be on the roster, so they can receive emails about EASA’s monthly webinars, EASA’s 2022 live in-person seminars and more.

技术提示: Another reason you will want your employees on the EASA roster is because they receive a constant dose of tech 提示 from EASA’s experienced engineering staff. Tech 提示 are an easily digestible way for technicians and sales reps to either be reminded of something old or to learn new techniques like the latest tip titled Another Use for Copper Tubing. EASA’s Tech Tips are also a great way to gather content for your daily or weekly toolbox talks on the shop floor. Can you imagine how good it would feel to an up-and-coming tech to empower he or she to present the tech 提示 for the next few months? Add that up-and-coming tech to the EASA roster and find out.

电流 文章: If you’re like me, opening the 电流 通讯 each month is a fun experience. It’s an easily digestible way to take in some technical, managerial and marketing content that can help your business the second you put the publication down. Much of the challenge is getting this content into the hands of others. The good news for you is that you can add all your employees to the EASA roster! Since you can quickly and easily make that wise decision, you will have the confidence that each of your employees can download the latest version of 电流 with the click of a button.

Updated 培训 Material: An additional benefit of being on the email list for EASA content is you receive notifications as EASA updates their technical manuals and other resources. As EASA updates information in the all-important EASA 技术 Manual, your team will be notified of such changes. They will also be emailed a link, so they can download the information for free. An example of an update that EASA shared with the masses is their latest update to the EASA Guide AR200-2021名为 Guide for the Repair of Dry-Type 变形金刚. 作为一名经理, it should give you confidence knowing that your team (both repair and sales) is being sent the latest and greatest in technical info.

领导 is great and challenging at the same time. We have the opportunity to serve and elevate those around us to a place they never thought possible. With that said, most leaders in every industry would jump at the opportunity to utilize a tool that ultimately makes it easier for their team members to stay informed on training and 提示 to make them more efficient. EASA gives us that 确切的 tool. And as leaders, all we need to do is add our employees to the EASA roster. See the steps in this article for how to add employees to your EASA roster. Contact Member Services at easainfo@neste8.675349.com with 任何 questions.


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